Matophonia - Tarocco

A new sweet and juicy sound from Matophonia, Tarocco!

Psilodump - Kanon (Matophonia Remix)

A new release by Psilodump includes a Matophonia remix. Check out the full release.

New The X-Dump Compilation

A new compilation by The X-Dump Collective includes a brand new tune by Matophonia, called "Onko Mato Kotona?".

Poor Droidcat (feat. Psilodump)

A collaboration track between Psilodump and Matophonia, released on Psilodump's EP "The Droidwhatever EP", 2010. Also featuring Katten Sture on vocals.

The Droidbird Complement

Christmas is here again... Do real ninjas really celebrate Christmas for sure?! Lithis tries to forget all those laborious mean Mondays, Paza longs for those good old 90s Christmas-days, Matophonia gambols around in the kitchen, cooking some rutabaga casserole, Dorothy's Magic Bag snoops around in the opera in ambition to unshroud Kit Walker's secret cubbyhole, Anode has WAY too much work, as usual, and Psilodump dreams nightmares about his tame mechanical pelican being left all alone out in a harrowing blizzard!!! ;´( Will The X-Dumpians be getting any gifts??? Only Santa knows for sure!

Planet 54 (Psilodump Remix)

Psilodump's remix of Matophonia's very old classic "Planet 54" is now featured on a new online compilation at Kahvi Collective, also entitled "Planet 54" (most demonstrably after the Matophonia tune).

The original version of the tune is actually not available anywhere anymore, except for a 1 minute clip. This after Lithis, Matophonia and Psilodump each have had severe harddrive crashes during the past years, thus loosing the only existing copies of the tune.

Matophonia - L8 Mas-Q

Release description:

Matophonia takes a funky break from his everyday ninja-action, to rest, chill-out and feed the fishes. But watch out - fishy fiends might be lurking behind every corner! Be careful, Matophonia!