Psilodump & Matophonia - 1st Live Acid Web Stream

We thought we'd investigate how to do a live broadcast on YouTube. It went so-so.

The full, unedited 26 minute version is available here;

Matophonia - Onko Mato Kotona (Paza Rahm Electro Fusion Jam Remix)

Matophonia - Onko Mato Kotona? (Paza Rahm Electro Fusion Jam Remix)
Original "Matophonia - Onko Mato Kotona?" from "The X-Dump - And The Soilers Of The Underwarez" compilation by The X-Dump Collective.

Matophonia - Tarocco

A new sweet and juicy sound from Matophonia, Tarocco!

Paza - Hopefoolia (Matophonia Remix)

A Matophonia remix of Hopefoolia by Paza Rahm from the Janin Tendo Data Risotto release from 2005 -

Psilodump - Kanon (Matophonia Remix)

A new release by Psilodump includes a Matophonia remix. Check out the full release.

New The X-Dump Compilation

A new compilation by The X-Dump Collective includes a brand new tune by Matophonia, called "Onko Mato Kotona?".

Live @ New Sound Made 2011

Matophonia Live! Tonight at 19:30, Kungsträdgården, Stockholm

Matophonia - Monsters (Psilodump Remix)

Psilodump has uploaded his previoulsy unreleased 2006 remix of Matophonia's old tune "Monsters", on SoundCloud.

Poor Droidcat (feat. Psilodump)

A collaboration track between Psilodump and Matophonia, released on Psilodump's EP "The Droidwhatever EP", 2010. Also featuring Katten Sture on vocals.

Live @ Norberg Festival 2008

Dear friends of Norberg Festival. It's been quiet for a while, but now its time to noise it up! Over the next few months, the Norberg program will unfold in all it's mind numbing, teeth rattling glory, check back regularly to catch up on the latest additions. Prepare yourself for this years festival, go explore!